Tenek is a British electronic group formed by Geoff Pinckney and Peter Steer in 2007. Their musical style incorporates hard grinding electro grooves, a power house of classic British synthesizer pop and stabs of driving guitar. At times dark and introspective and at other times uplifting and anthemic, Tenek has carved out a unique sound that is very popular with the electronic underground, but also appeals to mainstream sensibilities. The group recently expanded its ranks with the addition of Steve Clark on drums and Patrick Bennett on bass guitar.

Hometown: Brighton, UK

Band members: Geoff Pinckney, Peter Steer, Steve Clark and Patrick Bennett

Record label: Alien Six Productions

Discography – albums:

  • Smoke & Mirrors – 2o15
  • On the Wire – 2010
  • Stateless – 2009

Discography – EPs

  • What Kind of Friend – 2015
  • EP1+ – 2014
  • Tenek Vs. The Last Cry – Sophie EP – 2013
  • Another Day – 2013
  • EP2 – 2011
  • Blinded By You – 2010
  • Submission – 2009
  • Where’s The Time? – 2008
  • Tenek EP – 2007

Musical influences: Timo Mass, NIN, Crystal Method, Hybrid, Goldfrapp, Air, Les Rhythmes Digitales

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