ELYXR partners with Brian Hazard on “The Last Day of Summer”

ELYXR - The Last Day of Summer

ELYXR is a collaborative-band concocting modern synthpop potions. Spearheaded by Seattle-based indie-electronic music songwriter/producer Kasson Crooker (Symbion Project, Freezepop), ELYXR has released a string of singles this year, each a collaboration with a different singer/songwriter. The 6th single, The Last Day of Summer, was co-written with Brian Hazard of the well-regarded synth band Color Theory.

Listen to the world premiere of this new track here:

This satisfying mid-tempo track begins with a sharply-defined rhythm synth. The aural palette quickly expands to include some electronic sound effects, and is soon joined by Brian’s smooth vocals. The verses feature an engaging point-counterpoint between Brian’s lyrics and synth riffs, plus a soaring chorus structure.

I tend to love these synth artist/vocalist projects, because both parties bring so much the table in terms of their unique styles and sensibilities. The whole is usually greater than the sum of its parts. That’s definitely the case with The Last Day of Summer.

Brian has this to say about the collaboration… “When Kasson asked me about collaborating, my first thought was, ‘Why haven’t we done this already?’ He gave me a wonderful idea for the lyric, which I elaborated on and free associated from until it told its own story, a distant cousin to the one it came from.”

Bask in the warm glow of The Last Day of Summer!

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