The top 10 synthpop albums of 2019

2019 finds the genre of modern synthpop as vibrant as ever, with an incredible diversity of sounds, styles and geography making up this year’s top 10 new albums. Each year, as I assemble this list of the top modern synthpop albums of the year, I’m reminded that I have the[…]

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Iris shines on melodic, well-crafted “Six”

After 5 years of total radio silence, Iris is back with a new album. Entitled Six, it is stylistically darker than their last outing, Radiant. It bears a greater resemblance to Blacklight in its tone and style. Six contains a well-crafted collection of 11 melodic tracks, each with its own[…]

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Modern Synthpop’s top 10 new albums of 2018

Welcome to Modern Synthpop’s list of the top 10 new albums of 2018. As usual, there was a wealth of excellent music to choose from, produced by excellent existing acts and new ones. I hope you enjoy exploring this amazing music! Each year, as I assemble this list of the[…]

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DE/VISION’s Citybeats: I was hoping for so much more

I don’t know what it is about me and DE/VISION. During the last decade, my feelings about their albums have fallen into what I call a “meh/wow cycle.” Citybeats, the 14th album from the German synthpop supergroup, contains 11 decent songs. I’ve just found very little that moves me. This[…]

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Modern Synthpop’s top 10 new releases of 2017

Welcome to my annual list of the best Modern Synthpop Releases of 2017. Like last year’s list, this one combines some outstanding music by “classic” artists like OMD, Gary Newman and T.O.Y. with many new or fairly young modern acts. That’s what makes synthpop so incredibly vibrant and endlessly fascinating to follow.

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