My 10 favorite DE/VISION songs

De/visionDE/VISION is an excellent German group that has been on the scene for many years, and continues to produce some of the best synthpop music in the world. They’re one of my all-time favorite groups.

Here’s a list of my 10 favorite songs from DE/VISION, along with the album on which they appeared:

  • A Word in Season (a great instrumental from Antiquity)
  • Take Me Over (Six Feet Underground)
  • Uncaring Machine (Two)
  • Heart-Shaped Tumor (Two)
  • Digital Dream – Icon of Coil Mix (Devolution)
  • See What I See (Noob)
  • Try to Forget (Zehn)
  • Free From Cares (Zehn)
  • Time to be Alive (Popgefahr)
  • Until the End of Time (Popgefahr)

I tend to like their faster songs more than their ballads. But some of their ballads are quite good, too.

Hopefully, DE/VISION will be coming to the States this year – and I definitely want to see them when they hit Chicago!

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