The sexiest modern synthpop songs – part 1

Sexiest Modern Synthpop songs

What songs do you listen to to get yourself in the mood for making love? Synthpop probably isn’t the first genre of music that comes to mind. But it actually DOES contain numerous sensual, steamy songs that can help you get your mojo going.

I’ve been patiently collecting sexy synthpop tunes for months, and now I’m ready to share them with you, my randy reader! But I’ve gotta admit – I’m going to TEASE you by sharing these lusty love songs with you in several blog posts. I gotta keep you wanting more, right?

So why don’t you slip into something more comfortable, pour yourself a glass of wine, turn the lights down low and enjoy this first set of titillating tunes?

Ari Mason – Let Me

Ari knows exactly what she wants, and she’s not afraid to tell you. She’s definitely the aggressor in this sex game, and she wants you to play along. She can’t wait. She wants it all – now!

Many of Ari Mason’s songs have suggestive themes, making her the Siren of Modern Synthpop. Like the sailors of Greek mythology who became unwitting prisoners the minute they heard the Sirens sing, your soul will soon be a prisoner of Ari’s fiery desire.

“I crave your lips upon my skin
You can’t prevent it any more.”

The Birthday Massacre – Surrender

Sultry, gothic TBM lead singer Chibi is talking to a lover who is hiding away in his room, afraid of her advances. She waits outside, a female Peeping Tom. She wants you to run away with her, where the two of you can be alone.

“Surrender, and we can disappear
Come, my dear
By the end of the night we’ll be far from here, all alone.”

Daybehavior – Come to Bed With Me

Seductive songstress Paulina Crescentini from Daybehavior wants to know why you want to leave when she wants to love you? She’ll use her irresistable charms  aims to make you stay. You can’t resist. Just give in to her already!

“You don’t have permission
It’s not your decision
Come to bed with me.
I’ll make it my mission
my only ambition
is to make you love me.”

Royksopp & Robyn – Do It Again

Robyn is contemplating resuming an on-again, off-again relationship. But it’s easy to see which way she’s leaning by these suggestive lyrics – and the propulsive energy of this Royksopp track. She doesn’t want to take it slowly, either. Are you ready to keep going all night, again and again? Because she just can’t get enough of you!

“One more time
Let’s do it again
The thing you did
Do it again.
And then it arrives,
The moment before.
The anticipation
You know it’s like mmm
Wait for it
Wait for the buildup
And then let’s do it again.”

Trevor Something – Inside of You

In this bawdy ballad, Trevor Something explains he’s a sex addict. He needs it, and he wants to get it from you. His ultimate intention is clearly telegraphed by the song’s title. He’s trying to break down your resistance, and it seems to be working…

“Girl, you know you’re gorgeous
You don’t have to lie
Yeah, I know you love it
I see it in your eyes
I do anything to make you my love
I do anything to take you back home
I do anything to get you a love.”

Dekad and Foretaste – I Was Made for Lovin’ You

It’s time to get together. You know we both want it. I can see it in your eyes. I’ve been dreaming about what we’re going to do together. Haven’t you?

This sexy tune by BOREDOMproduct labelmates Dekad and Foretaste is actually a cover of a Kiss tune (ironic, isn’t it?).

“Tonight I want to see it in your eyes
Feel the magic
There’s something that drives me wild
And tonight we’re gonna make it all come true
‘Cause girl, you were made for me
And girl I was made for you.”

Marsheaux – Burning

There’s something irresistible about your kisses. She wants them with every fiber of her being, even though she knows they may ultimately destroy her. There’s no denying it: She’s addicted to your love. Marsheaux’s lush arrangement and wispy lyrics convey this heavenly desire perfectly. You cannot resist her.

“I know now, I’m burning
My lips are, oh yearning
Your kisses compulsive
Addictive, destructive.”

Black Nail Cabaret – Satisfaction

That lollipop-shaped sex toy may get you off, but it doesn’t take away the emptiness you feel inside. You need to be able to look into the face of a lover, to feel his hot breath and his arms holding you tightly. You crave something more, a connection with a soulmate who makes you explode with desire and amorous abandon. “Ooooh, yeah,” croons BNC singer Emese Arvai-Illes.

“Emotional frustration
With a metal cold vibration
Tiny cherry candy
Instead of wild sexuality
There’s no face to forget
So wipe away the sweat
Wipe away your makeup
There’s nothing to be scared of”

Mr. Kitty – After Dark

Two old lovers are reunited for a short time. After a few hours of conversation, the old feelings and erotic memories start to return. Your mind starts to wander, to lust after what’s been lost, but is tantalizingly close once again. “What would it be like to feel the tender touch of his lips once again? Should I ask? Or would I embarrass myself?” The conversation is casual. But the sexual tension is palpable – at least for you, anyway… The only way to release it is to ask the question, suggests Mr. Kitty’s Forrest LeMaire.

“As the hours pass
I will let you know
That I need to ask
Before I’m alone
How it feels to rest
On your patient lips
To eternal bliss
I’m so glad to know.”

Miss Kittin – Bassline

She notices you in the club. She wants you. But you’re so shy won’t even make eye contact with her. She’s so beautiful that you can’t imagine what she would want with a guy like you. If only you knew what was going on in her head, you’d be surprised – and incredibly turned on. Meet her smoky glance. Talk to her. She may have some fantasies she’d like to share with you (wink!)… “Take my hand. Come with me,” purrs Miss Kittin. Who are you to resist her feline charms?

“You’re so shy
It’s a shame
I can’t talk to you
You’re so high
What’s your name
I can call you.”

Take Me Down – Nikonn

There’s a real urgency to the lovemaking in this sultry song by Nikonn. She wants you now, but has no illusions about being together with you forever. What you have is a few hours of breathtaking ecstasy, and that’s good enough.

“Move your body against mine
Tell me I’m all yours.
We ain’t got a lot of time.
Give me more, give me more.
Darling we can take it fast
Baby we can move so slow.
Our love ain’t made to last
And that’s all we need to know.”

Decode – Behind the Wheel

This Depeche Mode song has always been notable for its veiled references to sex positions – literally, “who’s on top.” Decode’s cover makes it much more explicit with a woman moaning in sexual ecstasy in the background. Plus, Decode lead singer Alexandros Raptis’ voice is tantalizingly breathy and suggestive. If you’re not horny by the end of this song, you’d better check your pulse! Who’s on top for your “ride” tonight?

“Sweet little girl
I prefer
You behind the wheel
And me the passenger.”

Now it’s your turn!

What synthpop songs get you in the mood? Share them in the comments below and I may feature them in Part 2 of the World’s Sexiest Modern Synthpop Songs!



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