The new EP from Tenek, Blinded by You, is another winner

Tenek Blinded by YouBlinded by You is the new single and EP from Tenek, a British duo that has been tearing up the world of synthpop lately.

This EP is the first release from Tenek since their outstanding 2009 album, Stateless (read my review of it here), and is a worthy successor to it.

Blinded by You opens with the single version of the title track, a pulsating, multiple-layered masterpiece that will make you feel like dancing. Like Tenek’s other recent work, Blinded by You is filled with cool little touches that make this song really stand out, and Geoff Pinckney’s voice has never sounded better.

The second track is a new mid-tempo track called Synchronize that I must confess is not one of my favorites. It features a chant (“HEY!!!”) in the midst of the chorus that seems oddly out of place, as if the boys were trying a little too hard to up the coolness factor if this song.

The EP closes with a remix called Blinded by You (Designed for Dancing) which adds a heavier, more club-friendly beat to this song plus some cool new synth riffs and instrumental interludes. This is a nicely done mix that should be a real dance-floor filler.

If you’re a fan of Tenek, then Blinded by You is a must-buy. If this release sounds intriguing, it’s a great way to expose yourself to the excellent song writing talents of this dynamic duo.

You can purchase it in MP3 form from by following this link.

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