Tenek crafts an ‘asskickingly beautiful’ sophomore album, On the Wire

Tenek - On the Wire - synthpopGeoff Pinckney and Peter Steer, better known as Tenek, have outdone themselves with their sophomore album, On the Wire. It builds on the momentum of last year’s Stateless release, and features another collection of delightfully complex and entertaining synthpop songs.

The duo’s confident songwriting and perfect musicianship are back with a vengeance on what one fellow synthpop blogger has accurately described as an “asskickingly beautiful” album. There’s no question in my mind that On the Wire is one of the best synthpop releases of 2010 that begs to be heard by a wider audience.

Here are some of the highlights:

Losing Something – This rollicking uptempo song gets On the Wire off to a kick-ass start with a strong bass beat and a driving mix of synths and guitar.

The Grid – A pulsating beat and propulsive lyrics power this standout song.

Higher Ground – A ringing lead guitar plays a delightful counterpoint to this song’s verses. The style of this song is reminiscent of some of The Fixx’s classic tracks. Higher Ground also showcases the fantastic vocal harmony between Pinckney and Steer.

Blinded by You – The single from In the Wire, the energetic Blinded by You is certain to be a dancefloor favorite at clubs worldwide.

The Art of Evasion – This slower song opens with a big, echoing analog synth intro that appears to be channeling Tears for Fears. When Steer kicks in with the lyrics, I’ll be darned – he even sounds a bit like Roland Orzibal. Don’t get me wrong – I mean this comparison in a very positive way. This is an awesome, moving song that is another one of my favorites.

On the Wire – This densely layered, propulsive track cranks the energy level back up, and features a deeply throbbing bass synth, the perfect counterpart to its soaring vocals.

Under My Skin – The perfect end to a perfect album, Under My Skin features killer guitar hooks, driving drum rhythms, soaring background synths and excellent vocal harmonies. An amazing pop song that is a powerful exclamation point to this outstanding collection of synthpop songs!

I strongly encourage you to pick up On the Wire. You won’t be disappointed!

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