The top synthpop albums of the 2010s

top synthpop albums of the 2010s

Thank you to everyone who participated in the voting for the top synthpop albums of the last decade. The artists and albums listed in this online survey received over 3,200 votes – an amazing number! Thanks for your enthusiastic participation in this project!

Here are the top 25 synthpop albums of the 2010s, as voted by you, the ultimate fans of this remarkable genre:

  1. Mesh – Looking Skyward
  2. Mesh – Automation Baby
  3. VNV Nation – Automatic
  4. Assemblage 23 – Bruise
  5. Zynic – Blindsided
  6. Covenant – Modern Ruin
  7. Apoptygma Berzerk – Exit Popularity Contest
  8. OMD – The Punishment of Luxury
  9. Zynic – Neon Oblivion
  10. Camouflage – Grayscale
  11. Beborn Beton – A Worthy Compensation
  12. OMD – History of Modern
  13. DE/VISION – Popgefahr
  14. Gary Numan – Savage
  15. OMD – English Electric
  16. Ladytron – Ladytron
  17. Zynic – Fire Walk with Me
  18. DE/VISION – 13
  19. Iris – Six
  20. Iris – Radiant
  21. New Order – Music Complete
  22. Pet Shop Boys – Electric
  23. Chrom – Peak & Decay
  24. Marsheaux – A Broken Frame
  25. Solitary Experiments – Future Tense

Some of top entries are no surprise – names like Mesh, VNV Nation, Apop, Camouflage and OMD are naturally at the top of many fans’ playlists. But they also contained at least one big surprise: I would have never guessed that Zynic could field not one, but two albums within the top 10 list, with a third ranked at #17. It’s a tribute to the band’s passionate fan base!

I also wasn’t expecting Mesh to dominate the top two slots in the voting, by a significant margin. I know they’re BIG in this genre, and fully expected to see at least one of their albums IN the top 10 – but not holding down the top 2 positions!

This survey represents a snapshot of the world’s best modern synthpop. It can serve as a useful guide for anyone who is interested in exploring this fascinating and multi-faceted genre of music.

To see how the entire ranked list of all of the artists and albums and the number of votes they received, please download this PDF.


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