Musical chameleon Kasson Crooker unveils his latest synthpop project: ELYXR

From early Freezepop to Symbion Project, Larkspur and his latest project, ELYXR, Kasson Crooker is a tireless musical chameleon, exploring the limits of electronic instruments and composition. I recently had an opportunity to interview him about several new songs he has written for ELYXR. Our talk also turned to his highly creative songwriting process, his early days with Freezepop and what’s next.

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New: Modern Synthpop Instrumentals Playlist on Spotify

Four years, I’ve been a fan of instrumental synthpop tunes. From sparse and spooky to layered and orchestral and everything in between, it’s always a delight to listen to these intricate songs on my headphones. Inspired by The Electricity Club, which recently debuted its own playlist of synthpop instrumentals, I[…]

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